W.O.R.K. Studios and Gallery (Salisbury MD)

W.O.R.K. was Salisbury MD's venue for Experimental Music & Films and Contemporary/Avant-Garde Art & Culture from 2012-2018. We were located in the historic Thomas Young Building on Salisbury's Downtown Plaza. 

W.O.R.K. consisted of: C. Tara Gladden, David Gladden, John Mosher, & Elizabeth (Kauffman) Mosher, who are all artists and educators at Salisbury University, trying to bring contemporary culture to the Eastern Shore of MD.


We saw many music, film, performance, and art events by local and national artists and musicians.  


The W.O.R.K. music scene was vibrant.  It was a good incubator for local talent as well as a showcase of the W.O.R.K. artists' work. Here are links to some of the live shows at W.O.R.K.: