We utilize a synesthetic approach in our performance videos, most evident in Revolution and Atman, which are both part of Word Pieces, a current, growing, body of video compositions inspired by Dada text sound artists Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara; contemporary vocal artists such as Japp Blonk and Joan LaBarbara; as well as visual artists Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger.  Word Pieces is a modular series of short audiovisual performance compositions. Each short composition takes a word and breaks it down into its smallest parts. Rather than serving words, the voice is deconstructing and reconstructing them in new ways.  Word Pieces dissects and magnifies the audiovisual and physical qualities of both voice and language, expressing them sonically, visually, and experientially. Using a single voice and digital processing, we highlight facial expression through the use of video and an enhanced color palette.  We incorporate physicality through action and tear words into bits. Using sonic, visual, and physical means, we both exhaust and exalt language so that we might disengage from our conditioned preconceptions of its meaning.


Revolution was selected as one of the video works to be highlighted in the Biennial Edition of VIDEOFOCUS, Stigmart10, an online art publication.  The edition will be published in Spring 2015.