WYSIWYG (Wizzie Wig)






WYSIWYG is a series of digital op art works that use after-image effects to create an illusion.   After images happen when photochemical activity in the retina continues even when a person is no longer viewing the original stimulus.  Visual snow and the momentary blinding by a camera’s flashbulb are two common experiences of the after image effect. 


Certain art has always exploited the physiological responses of our optical nerves.  Pointillism relies on the viewer to stand back and color mix with the eye all of the mosaic of little colored dots if they wish to achieve the full and radiant effect.  WYSIWYG takes advantage of a viewer’s retinal fatigue through the overstimulation of color receptors to cause a certain physiological response.  If the viewer stares at the animated GIF, they will create colors that are not made by the artist but by the viewer’s own eye.  The colors created by the viewer are the direct complements of the colors the artist has created.  WYSIWYG is about the fragility of perception and how easily perception can be manipulated.