The Tower

The Tower is a multi-monitor video sculpture that offers viewers a rarely used, alternate way to experience video art.   The dominance of the horizontally placed video monitor is subverted by simply turning the monitor on its side to the vertical aspect.   Three vertically placed video monitors, housed in a custom steel box, form what could be termed a “tall screen” format; a triptych with one contiguous image across the three “panels.”  The shift from one aspect to another, whether it be from landscape perspective to portrait perspective, or vice versa, is an action that abstract artists are long familiar with; inspiration born out of frustration and chance occurrence.  Once the monitors are placed vertically in this extreme tall screen format, new subjects, new views present themselves within the camera’s frame for the eye to see.  Instead of expansive or empty shots, the new landscape is cluttered, not wide but vertical: one of antennas, windmills, water towers, and skyscrapers.  This new landscape is invisible, composed of powerful winds and waves of electromagnetic radiation, bits of information flying imperceptibly through the air.