The Castle

The Castle is a light, video, and mirror sculpture in the shape of an imperfect cube.  On the outside, the Castle has the appearance of a typical, Minimalist, metallic, silver cube sculpture.  But the Castle is not a cube but a box.  It is a container with a gift (a surprise) inside.  The box includes a portal, an entrance for your head.  It is a frame within a frame; you enter the gallery space with your entire body, but the box will only accept your head.  Inside the box are programmable LED lights, a live-feed surveillance camera, and a hexagonal arrangement of mirrors.  On the right hand side of the box is a peep-hole that allows for the full effect of the mis-en-abyme.  All around the box are video monitors that display the live feed camera in various time lags.   The Castle is an exploration of mimetic engulfment, as well as a comment on consumerism, vanity, mass production, image, and displacement.