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From July 20-September 2, 2018, David Gladden had his embedded video sculpture, The Tower I,displayed at the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA as part of Illuminate:  a special glow-in-the-dark exhibition focused on the relationship between art and light. The lights were turned off in the gallery, turning the viewer’s attention to the illuminated artwork whether it be through the lighting of video, light installation/sculpture, or use of black light mediums.  This was a juried, group show.


This show was written about in the Washington Post:


The art critic for the Washington Post, Mark Jenkins, wrote this about my work, “David Gladden’s steel pillar contains four illuminated panels of constantly changing single colors; the piece suggests a traffic signal with a trippy mind of its own.”


The IlluminateExhibition was also featured in Metro Weekly's Editor's Pick:


And there was also have a TV promo spot about the IlluminateExhibition through LocalDVM:

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