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Tara and David Gladden were accepted into the online publication, Stigmart 10: Videofocus.  The publication was released February 2015.  Since its foundation, Stigmart 10 has encouraged a conception of art based on a dynamic dialogue between artists and audience which reflects the interactive nature of the creation process itself, developing a virtual space for videoartists from all over the world. Due to the advent of technologies like DSLR and microbudget cinecameras, in the last decade it came a true revolution in the video field. The fusion of differents worlds, like videoart, experimental cinema, and even fashion video and corageus documentary is attested by the increasing number of videoartists cooperating with filmmakers in the last decade, though this synergy is not limited to the improvement of the overall quality in mainstream cinema terms, but shows the great potential of a new generation of artists able to renew the cinematographic language itself from the inside.