The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

C.Tara and David Gladden performed The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters as part of the Performancy Forum:  Night Terrors, Sandwiches, and Dream Logics at Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, NYC on May 13, 2017. 


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters references surveillance and ​Ganzfeld experiments to explore concepts of mind control and paranoia.  This work is about the darkness of subconscious experience; phenomena such as sleep paralysis, possession, and altered states.  The darkness is a pit of resistance, of fear, of awareness without control.  It is also a place where one can confront the darkness, where one can emerge with awareness of deeply buried secrets: a site of confrontation and transformation.

C.Tara & David Gladden. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. 2017

Performance Stills from The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. 2017