Matthew Kelliebrew, Advanced New Media

In the Advanced New Media class, MATTHEW KELLIEBREW created two sculptural pieces that utilized new media elements. Physical Memory is a glass sculpture with projection while Mood Lamp is a three channel video housed in a custom made wooden box.  Physical Memory is about preserving memory in glass, specifically Matt's memory of his drive from home on the Western Shore of Maryland to Salisbury University on Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Matt conceived of Physical Memory similarly to that of an insect trapped in amber or a specimen ensased in glass.  Mood Lamp is a piece that was created using 3D modeling software, Cinema 4D, and is a play of color and shape.  Matt confessed to not having much concept behind this piece, but instead wanted to create an aquarium or lava lamp type feel, with strange objects falling and rising through the three video screens.  Matt was awarded the Best in Photography/New Media Prize for his work in the senior exhibition Fall 2014 at the Fulton Gallery.

Nelka Cacares-Rivera, Advanced New Media

NELKA CACARES-RIVERA created two new media works for her senior show at the Fulton Gallery during the Fall 2014 Semester.  She Needs Me is a music video that explores the female body as landscape with dramatic lighting.  Nelka created the music for She Needs Me and hired a live model for the video shoot.  Off the Wall is a new media work that utilizes sculptural elements.  Nelka created two unfired, white ceramic vases and then mapped projections onto their surfaces.  Nelka was awarded the Faculty Choice Award for her work in the senior exhibition.

Joey Keesling, Advanced New Media

Joey Keesling. Awakening. Advanced New Media

JOEY KEESLING created two video art pieces in Advanced New Media, one of which, Awakening, was exhibited at the Fulton Gallery as the centerpiece of his senior exhibition.  Awakeing was documentation of a multi-camera shoot of a performance of Joey on the beach in Ocean City, MD walking calmly into the ocean wearing a suit and tie.  He conceived of Awakeing as a metaphor of him leaving the safety of the institution for the wider world, the deep unknown.  

Ceyaira Burton, Advanced New Media

CEYAIRA BURTON worked exclusively with the Wacom tablet, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D models and animation in preparation for her graduating senior show in the Spring of 2015 at the Fulton Gallery.​


New Media 2 Group Project. Pay Per View Pizza

For the first part of the semester, New Media 2 Students created a group stop motion animation using actors, paper cut outs, drawings, legos, and claymation.  The fiinal results were screened at Salisbury University's the Electronic Gallery.

New Media 2 Individual Projects


After the group project was complete, students in New Media 2  were allowed to make an individual project.  Erin Layshock's video (above) is an example of an individual project.

Erin Layshock. OOBE. New Media 2 Individual Project




What aspects of instruction did you feel were most positive?

  • He gave critical and detailed critiques that helped projects achieve their potential.

  • Very helpful instructor, willing to help a student in EVERY aspect!


What aspects of instruction did you like least?

  • None.

  • Nothing.


What changes would you suggest to the instructor?

  • Possibly a little more direction at the beginning of the first project.

  • Nothing


Additional comments?

  • I really enjoyed this course, the instructor influenced by desire to purse this and other artistic endeavors.

  • Great Teacher!

Stop Motion Ice Breaker Exercise for the first day of class,  influenced by Robin Rhode and Norman McLaren