Integrated Circuits

As its' name suggests, "Integrated Circuits" is at is core, a study of integration. It is a graphic score for multimedia brought to life, and explores specific themes, both technical and perceptual, as they relate to our audio visual performance practice It is divided into 6 parts: 1. night, 2. symmetry, 3, trace/space/delay, 4. translucence, 5. repetition, 6. oblivion. The short excerpts presented here are night, symmetry, trace/space/delay, translucence, and oblivion. Performed by Tara (voice/performance) and David Gladden (visuals) as part of Audio Visual: The Intersection of Art and Music, at the Fulton Gallery, Salisbury University on 9/22/12. This show included a collection of graphic scores from the Notations 21 project.