Freak Flag Festival

On July 16, 2018, Tara and David Gladden performed Insecure/Unsecure, Part Two at the Freak Flag Festival at the Brooklyn Kitchen in Brooklyn NYC.


Freak Flag Fest was advertised this way: “Freak Flag Fest (FFF) brings together art, music, food and friends.  FFF is sonic, video, projection and installation art, plus awesomely discordant music loud and quiet. FFF is homemade vegan treats inspired by queer hippies. FFF is a totally legal underground rock show revival for all, from legit youth to the somewhat middle-aged. There will be chairs and drinks and inflatables. From long standing jazz artists like Cooper Moore to rock legends like Mike Watt, rap from Prince Harvey, Upper Wilds (featuring Dan Friel), and more, the festival will span and bend genres, ears, eyes and minds.”


This performance was livestreamed on the radio, broadcast by WGXC 90.7-FM in New York’s Hudson Valley.


The festival was written about in an influential music and film webzine featuring news and reviews, called Tiny Mix Tapes.