Forgotten... And Now the Coming Thing

Forgotten and Now the Coming Thing by C. Tara & David Gladden was included in a night of cinematic performance at the 2640 Space in Baltimore, MD on September 25, 2016.  The 2640 Project is a noncommercial, cooperatively managed space for radical politics and grassroots culture that is part of the Red Emma's Workers and Artists Collective.

Forgotten and Now the Coming Thing is a site-specific, dreamscape opera that takes its name from recurring phrases in Esta Nesbitt’s fashion illustrations. These phrases, “And Now...,” “And Again…,” and “The Coming Thing…” resonate beyond the world of fashion, into timeless questions of universal significance. C. Tara & David Gladden use Nesbitt’s diverse body of work as inspiration, creating a performance that combines live sound, live-feed cameras, video projections, and ritual actions.


C. Tara and David Gladden. Forgotten... And Now the Coming Thing. 2016