Encaustic Monochrome

I’ve been painting with encaustic wax for twenty years.  Encaustic wax is a medium used in the ancient world, and only rediscovered in the 20thCentury.  It is the most archival of all mediums, if properly stored.  At the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, there are Egyptian tomb paintings, the Fayum Mummy Portraits, done in wax, that look like they were painted yesterday, so fresh are they, but are actually 2000 years old.  I create monochromes in wax.  They are hermetic.  They are preserved in wax.  The idea preserved in wax, archival, ready to withstand the ravages of time.  The monochrome as eternal, something preserved, hermetically sealed, beyond time, packed away. Layers of accumulated meaning, each one superimposed upon the next.