Design Principles Student Work


This semester, design students used a textbook, Foundations of Art and Design by Lois Fichner-Rathus, that was also a foundation of lectures.  The students had 7 projects: Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture, Space, and a end of the semester free project, in which they could incorporate all their design skills for something more conceptual.



Student Reviews

What aspects of instruction did you feel were most positive?


  • The class was very engaging. We did a lot of unconventional projects that incorporated media with art, which was really fun. I enjoyed the group activity at the end.

  • The class was a fun learning environment and i really enjoyed having you as a professor. Really fun and outgoing!

  • The class was laid back and encouraged an amazing creative force among several Art students and other students who took the course as an elective. It was fun. Professor Gladden instilled a professional aspect to the class that I admired a lot.


What aspects of instruction did you like least?


  • Sometimes the directions on the worksheets for our projects were not clear.

  • Was hard to understand the directions when reading from the project sheet. Always needed to havean explanation from the teacher.


What changes would you suggest to the instructor?


  • Online quizzes should be a much smaller portionof our grade. Attendance, projects, and in class participation should be where the bulk of our grade % comes from.

  • The one thing that I would suggest is changing the projects for the final critique. I really enjoyed the projects after every chapter that we learned about but I wasnt excited about the project for the final. I did like how you gave us three option to chose from so everyone wasn't doing the same thing but it was hard for me to chose one becasue I didnt think they were exciting enought for the final project.


Additional comments?


  • Overall, really good class. Enjoyed the projects, but also the freedom to be creative.

  • I would recomend this professor to other art students!



First Day of Class Ice Breaker Stop Motion Exercise with Dry Erase Board