Design Principles Student Work (Student Evaluations at Bottom of Page)

This semester, design students used a textbook, Foundations of Art and Design by Lois Fichner-Rathus, that was also a foundation of lectures.  The students had 7 projects: Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture, Space, and Balance.

Student Reviews

What aspects of instruction did you feel were most positive?


  • The instructors enthusiasm towards the material and teaching.

  • commitment to the class, willing to help.

  • Every aspect was positive.

  • Feedback on work.

  • He gave us the opportunity to learn. He pushed me to better myself as an artist.

  • We covered the material in the book and were quizzed fairly as well as actually applying the techniques to our projects


What aspects of instruction did you like least? 


  • Not all activities were structured well.

  • The amount of thumbnails i had to create in order to draw basic art pieces.

  • adding in new media to the class, stop motion

  • Lectures.

  • When we were learning about each chapter of the book, it seemed a little rushed. It didn't help that we had all of those snow days.

  • everything was never clearly stated , instructions and dates changed frequently


What changes would you suggest to the instructor?  


  • Make the lectures available on myclasses before class.

  • more patience and a detailed calender that accommodates snowdays

  • Give a little bit more time to complete the projects, it seemed that we rushed to finish the work on time

  • Homework needs to be revised

  • nothing, great teacher


Additional comments?


  • Excellent teacher. Knows his field of work.

First Day of Class Ice Breaker Stop Motion Exercise with Dry Erase Board

Group Stop Motion Animation Project on Linear Perspective and Space. Spring 2015