Chance House Residency at John Cage Park (Photos at Bottom of Page)

Dedicated in 2012 to commemorate John Cage's 100th birthday, John Cage Memorial Park is located on 4 acres of property in the small village of Chance, located on Maryland's Eastern Shore. It offers a Residency Program for landscapers, artists, musicians, composers, and technologists.  It can be a site for meditation as well as host to music and art events. 


2015 was a year in which the Chance House Residency at John Cage Park housed musicians, dancers, filmmakers, visual artists, and performers, who used the time and space to create new works that were then featured at Salisbury University or Salisbury's W.O.R.K. Space.


In the winter and spring of 2015, performance artist, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, and curator/artist, David Linton, stayed in the Chance House Residency. During their long term residency, there were two performances in Salisbury, MD that showcased what they had been working on.  One of the performances was part of the SU's downtown gallery's 3rd Friday Performance Series and Workshop.  The other performance was a live concert at W.O.R.K. on Salisbury's downtown plaza.  

Here is a link to the event at the SU Gallery:

In the Summer and Fall of 2015, we had many different artists do shorter stays at the residency.  We had a filmmaker, Chris Lynn; an experimental musical duo, Leprechaun Catering; and a light artist, Raphaele Shirley.


1) Chris H. Lynn is a filmmaker, sound artist, educator, and curator. He stayed at the Chance House Residency in early July and shot film of the Deal Island Harbor for a new film, which was shown to great acclaim at the AFI in Silver Spring MD on September 12, 2015.  Chris Lynn captures harbors and waterways on his Super 8 and digital camera from all over the world.  His Super 8 films and digital images capture the subtle rhythms of movement, light, and sound in urban and rural landscapes. (many of these landscapes include China, where he has filmed extensively since 2008). His work has been screened and exhibited in a variety of venues around the globe and has recently been featured in the book Cinema and the AudioVisual Imagination published by I.B Tauris.


2) Leprechaun Catering is an experimental music duo from Baltimore MD comprised of Tom Boram and Jason Willet. They did a weekend residency at the Chance House in late July 2015, recording music for a forthcoming album, as well as a performance at the W.O.R.K. Space on the downtown plaza of Salisbury MD.  Leprechaun Catering is signed on the Ehse Record Label.  Tom Boram is part of the EMP Collective, which is  an all-volunteer non-profit collective and space dedicated to creating provocative, social, multimedia art experiences.  The collective runs a multi-use arts space in downtown Baltimore, where they produce their own varied work and regular programming as well as playing host to a slew of talented local and visiting artists. “A hub of artistic activity” recognized as Best Arts Collective and Best Multi-Use Arts Space (Baltimore City Paper), EMP has been lauded as one of the boldest “visions to change Baltimore” (Baltimore Magazine). Jason Willett is an established Baltimore experimental musician and the owner of True Vine Records in Baltimore, MD.  



3) Raphaele Shirley is a French-American multi-media artist. She lives and works in New York City. She studied fine arts at the Beaux Arts of Aix-en-Provence, France and then moved to NYC in 1993. Her practice ranges from light art, sound, public art, social interventions, collaborative works and performance.  Her work has been shown in venues such as the Museum of Moving Image, S.R. Guggenheim, Chelsea Art Museum and Post Masters Gallery in New York, the NCCA Moscow, 2nd Moscow Biennial and the Hermitage St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Museum of Modern Art, Linz, Austria and Art Basel/ Miami 2006. She participated in 2009 and 2010 in the artist residency/sail boat expedition to the Arctic Circle, Norway with the Farm Foundation, “The Arctic Circle” Residency directed by Aaron O’Conner.  For her residency at the Chance House in the Fall of 2015, she investigated setting off pink smoke bombs for a project she appropriately named, Chance Ecologies.  See pictures below.

Photos of John Cage Park, the Chance House, and the Resident Artist's Work