2016 Spring Senior Show

Alex Reynolds 

Alex R. The Traveler. HD Video 1920x1080. 2016

Alex R. Frameworks. HD Video 1920x1080. 2016

Alex R. Full Spectrum. HD Video 1920x1080. 2016

Alex Reynolds: "Working as a time-based artist with three-dimensional modeling software, I create animations of simple forms that evolve into more complex arrangements utilizing the elements of line, color, and shape in various degrees. Influential to me is how visual representation can come from that of sounds, in terms of their wavelike structure and their function of a start point to an end point. With the involvement that comes from working simultaneously with both art and music come a symbiotic relationship that other artist influences before me have made. Wassily Kandinsky and his paintings have a heavy influence with how my work has evolved when working with my medium. With his abstract visualization in his paintings, he creates dynamic environments for the viewer to become engrossed in the multitude of different stimuli situated in the work with his use of color, line, and shape.


I seek to have investment from a viewer. With the nature of my work, creating an evolving space where one has to situate time and attention to grasp the entirety of what is happening in my work. Utilizing software that creates a three-dimensional view, it incorporates this evolving perspective in which the viewer needs to feel more involved in my work that they committed themselves into viewing. All of which stems from the original use of color, shape, and line to evoke something greater out of it. Abstraction is a primary focus on what I seek to achieve throughout my artwork. With the utilization of the elements of design and keeping true to them as much as possible, my work has a heavy emphasis on minimalism. With maintaining such simple forms within the area of three-dimensional rendering, it diverts from the intended path of realism within the program. Instead, I push the boundaries of how to achieve abstraction in a new realm."


To introduce advanced students to Cinema 4D, I have them create a fully navigable “Surrealist” Landscape in the program.  I have them navigate through this landscape by creating and using a virtual moving camera.  They should try to think of the camera as mounted on a helicopter or drone, flying through their Cinema 4D Landscape.  For inspiration, we looked at Surrealism in particular, but not exclusively.  We also watched excerpts from Werner Herzog’s Lessons of Darkness, which is a film about the aftermath of the First Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein destroyed the oil fields of Kuwait and retreated back to Iraq.  Much of the footage is shot from a helicopter. There is a voice-over track, (reading from the Book of Revelations) and a music soundtrack: Wagner's Twilight of the Gods.  This film is a good place to start for their inspiration.  I see their landscape film having a similar feel to it:  a restless, moving camera, able to fly in any direction at will.  The camera could pass through apocalyptic landscapes as well as utopias and untouched natural splendor.  They can use music or include a voice over track if they get so inspired with words.   Another good place for the students to look for inspiration is Surrealism:  Dali, Tanguy, Kay Sage, Max Ernst, Dorthea Tanning, Renee Magritte, etc.  The final animation is required to be between 4 and 7 minutes long.   

Student Examples:

Omission by Mike D.

Ghost Wandering by Max B.